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The Video Door Phone helps in identifying the people who seek forceful or illegal entry into private premises and helps in keeping out unauthorized entry.

On the other hand, the audio phone allows residents identify those at the door via their voice.

Why install Video Door Phone?

Keeping in view the increasing number of attacks on residents and residential properties by burglars and other anti social elements, residential security has gained prime importance these days.

The Video Door Phone helps in identifying the people who seek entry into private premises and helps in keeping out unauthorized entry. This product helps residents to see the person seeking entry into the premises.

Our Services

GEOVERUN is a certified installer of video door phones manufactured by ELVOX and other manufacturers.

ELVOX is a European manufacturer of audio, video door entry systems, telephones and automatic gate systems and is represented in sixty countries around the world.

Design Overview

This Video/Audio Phone system typically consists of a phone with a camera attached and the receiver station with a video display.

The moment the visitor lifts his receiver and dials the number of the desired extension; 
the image is displayed on the video terminal of the receiving station.


GEOVERUN has been designing and installing Public Address System of varying degree  for nearly twelve years and therefore possess extensive experience and technical expertise in the selection and application of available equipment.

Our products are modular PA systems which take utmost advantage of recent advancements in sound reinforcement and diffusion and professional systems developed by RCF and other professional manufacturers.

These manufacturers have an established reputation for high products amongst corporate PA users the world over.

Sound Controller

The sound controller is a veritable system that controls a wide verity of audio signal inputs. These inputs include microphone, music source, fire alarm, local telephone exchange.

Microphone Console

The microphone console is the main heart of announcement routing. From this point announcements are made and other sound sources are triggered like recorded announcements, fire alarm and other functions.


The loudspeakers are the diffusion sources. They are used to reinforce the sound that has been processed and amplified.

GEOVERUN is proposing the optimum choice for live sound situations where an exceptional full range, outstanding bass reproduction and accurate high
frequency delivery is required. This also suitable for monitoring applications.