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The Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) is use to control surveillance over restricted and public areas. In this case, it will also help to assist management to remotely monitor activities in their property from anywhere.

Why your business need CCTV?

With the innovative and dynamic nature of business comes the need to ensure proper security at all times through physical and remote means. Hence the need of CCTV.


Our Service

GEOVERUN Group understands the need for optimal functionality of the proposed system, and so we are capable of designing, installing, programming and commissioning of different products of CCTV

Design Overview

A system could be designed for local and remote monitoring of activities. The proposed system will use Digital Cameras mounted at various points and connected to a Digital Video Recorder.

Camera System

The camera systems are made up of the lens, enclosure, camera and occasionally a mount. Enclosures can vary in sizes and degrees. Camera systems could be packaged into a stylish dome enclosure or a pan and tilt integrated system.


Surveillance systems now include recording devices to store the images that the cameras capture. Our solution provides a comprehensive line of digital video recorders (DVR) that can meet any client’s requirement.


Monitors are available and designed for use with CCTV type cameras. Our products have high resolution (as high as 800TVL) and can work with all TV formats (PAL/ NTSC) and power requirements.

Power Supply

Power supplies available could be single or multiple camera power supplies.

The multiple power supplies are an economical way to power up to 16 cameras, domes and pan/ tilts with a single power source. The power supplies can have an input voltage of 120/ 230 V AC.