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Gates can be made from all types of fencing material including chain link, wood, ornamental aluminum, ornamental iron and PVC and can either swing or slide.

Saving your homes from Intruder

Gates can be made for any size opening and can open from either side.  Slide and swing gates are usually single or double leaf.  Your choice of gate size and type depends on the surrounding ground and space considerations. Auto gated system prevents unlawful intruders from entrance.

Our Service

GEOVERUN is offering products for residential sectors (automatic sliding or swing gates, sectional and overhead garage door openers, automatic door and window operators)

and  commercial sectors (turnstile and barrier gates ,automatic pedestrian doors, like hospital sliding doors, revolving or curved doors, and luxury hotel doors) produced by DITEC.

Design Overview

Swing gates require adequate attention as regards automation as they have to often undergo heavy-duty use and are exposed to the weather.

Automatic sliding gates require flexible solutions, while always ensuring the very best conditions of operating safety, functionality and reliability.


An intruder detection system is designed to ensure the detection of, and assist in the apprehension of intruders.  GEOVERUN is a certified installer of an intrusion Detection System


This system is built on optical fibres and solid state laser, which is a unique and proprietary sensing technique that is unparalleled in the security world, components are fibre optic cable and SSL sensor terminated at the control panel – standard Desktop computer with the following Pentium ¾ with a graphical User interface (GUI) for visual report of alarms.

The Clients Requirements

• Budget and Cost implications

• Degree of security and alarm management required

• Flexibility required

• The Characteristics of the site

• The nature of the business

• Physical and Environmental peculiarities of site

• Aesthetics


• Cost effectiveness,

• Adherence to stipulated standards,

• Aesthetics overview

• Building management and systems integration