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MTN walk-in Centre Port- Harcourt - GEOVERUN NIG LTD

MTN walk-in Centre

  • Project Date:September 2010 – December 2010
  • Location:Port- Harcourt, Nigeria
  • Value:$870,000
  • Categories:Manufature, Industry
Fire Detection, CCTV, Extinguishing system and Access Control

A fire represents the single most catastrophic event, which a building is likely to experience and carries with it, risks to the safety and lives of the occupants.

GEOVERUN offers a wide range of options for fire protection.


Fires are the most destructive, disruptive and costly cause of damage to property and prevention of these requires both risk awareness and the adoption of good practice.

Carbon dioxide Fire Extinguishers

Carbon Dioxide Fire Extinguishers are extremely versatile and is design to tackle Class B flammable liquid and Class C electrical fire hazards. Carbon Dioxide is an effective and clean gaseous extinguishing agent that does not leave any residue to clean up.

Proximity Reader

The main advantage of using cards, compared to keys, is the ability to block and time-control them. With a card reader you always know who has access to your doors, even if people loose their cards or leave their employment. It will also prevent fraudulent practices due to unauthorized access to sensitive areas.

The reader communicates to the ISC through the DRI to process information from the ProxCard II. ProxPro with Keypad is selected for more security functions.