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Accra Mall, Accra, Ghana - GEOVERUN NIG LTD

Accra Mall

  • Project Date: January 2016 - February 2016
  • Location:Accra, Ghana
  • Value:$870,000
  • Categories:Manufature, Industry
Fire Detection System

A fire represents the single most catastrophic event, which a building is likely to experience and carries with it, risks to the safety and lives of the occupants.

GEOVERUN offers a wide range of options for fire protection.

A kentec double-knock fire-extinguishing panel will function as a control panel.  This panel is configured in an “AND” configuration and will not release the extinguishant until it receives clearly distinct signals from two separate detectors within a time window.

The Use of Detectors

Fires are the most destructive, disruptive and costly cause of damage to property and prevention of these requires both risk awareness and the adoption of good practice.

These are devices sensitive to heat and smoke, and enable a fire to be recognise at an early stage.

Optical and Ionisation Detectors

In case of a fire outbreak, an automatic fire alarm system will automatically activate an extinguishing system thus minimising loss.

Detection can be achieved with a combination of Optical and Ionisation detectors. This combination is to enable the system detect the different kinds of fire namely fast burning and smouldering fires.